Success is a team accomplishment and, in the teamwork mathematics, one plus one equals more than two. Being surrounded by the right people makes indeed all the difference. A distinctive team, able to reconcile skilfulness with a good touch of warmth, allows us ideal foundations to cater our patients with unique excellence and devotion.

Lizia Hermida, our secretary, who kindly and proactively makes the difference, wonderfully representing us in the front line.

Gilberto Helmer, extremely loyal and versatile figure, apart from being our surgical nurse, is also responsible for the refined design of our medical office.

Dr. Gisela Maria Carvalho, my assistant, a loyal partner for all professional issues.

Dr. Beatriz Moraes, our anaesthesiologist, who masterly plays strategic role for the wellbeing of our patients.

Zilvanete Moreira, our strong arm for administrative and financial issues.

Leticia Muniz, conceiver of our whole infrastructure regarding management, finances, logistics, marketing and communication.